(Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water) In English, "souvenir" is a noun, but in the original French it's a verb, meaning "to come again," or to remember. Fittingly, with his new project Souvenir Driver, Nate Wey has created a musical conduit for exploring the living of and reflecting on life's most electrifying moments. From a set of songs chronicling Wey's travels and inner experiences comes a full band effort and an arresting record. Joy bears the familiar trappings of shoegaze—hushed vocals, droning guitar licks, blissful cymbals—and every inch is gorgeous, from the striking cover art to the moving trajectory the songs take as a whole. Some drone and drip with syncopation, making palpable the angst and anxiety of a life in motion ("Night Bus"), while others are heart-stopping in their swirling reverberation and calm acquiescence to the perpetual present ("A Moment"; "Farm"). MARANDA BISH