(, 600 E Burnside) Hopping on that ubiquitous surf rock bandwagon, Youth's music possesses the litheness characteristic of their namesake. With reverb dials turned far to the right, guitars and voices shimmer and resound in a way that, when paired with the right accoutrements, could induce a summer day. All one needs are some raw oysters, white wine, and no qualms about jacking up the heat. Youth spent the fall touring the West Coast with Typhoon and Wild Ones, occupying the opening slot in what they tout as their first "non-house show" tour, and now are working through a slew of formidable shows throughout the Northwest this winter. And while they're far from fully formed, the band shows promise and guarantees a good time. RAQUEL NASSER


(Valentine's, 232 SW Ankeny) There have been lots of guesses, but it's probably safe to say that nobody actually knows what kind of music Jason Urick makes. I guess you could call it ambient, or maybe abstract electro collage... One thing's for sure, though—you could definitely call it experimental. Regardless of how you want to tag it, Urick himself doesn't seem much concerned with labels. His new record for Thrill Jockey, I Love You, was constructed entirely on his laptop, and its arrival establishes Urick as a kind of trash saveur, a no-nonsense producer of ultra-digital, hyper-affected electronics and voice with a knack for bridging the gap between the organic and synthetic. Having recently moved to Portland from his former state of Maryland, Urick is on a stacked bill of local talent tonight, rounded out by fellow trendbuckers Nick Bindeman of Tunnels and Gift Tapes hero Jamie Potter, AKA Million Mists. CHRIS CANTINO