Perennial Portland rock trio Wow & Flutter know a thing or two about craft beer. Living in the land of small brews, the band took it upon themselves to get into the mix with a brand new EP/Imperial ale called "Double Deuce." It goes like this: Buy a 22 oz. bottle of the specially made beer from Alameda Brewing either at local stores or shows, and get a code for a download of the band's new five-song EP.

As far as ingenious ideas go, this one takes the keg. But, it does leave me with a few questions. Luckily, Wow & Flutter were happy to provide the answers. Read on to find out the inspiration for and benefits of a beer-centric release. And get your hands on the new EP at Wow & Flutter's upcoming release show January 28 at Kelly's Olympian.

End Hits: Who came up with the idea to combine your EP with a bottle of beer?

Wow & Flutter: We look at the audience at our shows and it's primarily drunks and derelicts. Sometimes one of them will buy an album from us, but they spend way more time and money getting drinks at the bar. After consulting the book Sex Money Kiss by Gene Simmons, we realized how we could exploit this demographic: we will try to sell them multiple copies of the same record in the format they love—beer.

Also, it's probably better to have a basement full of beer than a basement full of cartons of unsold CDs. You begin to look egotistical if you try to give guests a copy of your same CD every time they come by the house.

EH: Was the Double Deuce Ale created specifically to line up with songs on the EP?

W&F: Our brewer is sort of the George Martin of Wow & Flutter. He has a rare condition called tone → gustatory synesthesia which causes him to experience music as flavors. He saw us play these songs, then went to work to capture them in beer form. We told him to go easy on some of the garlicky overtones and then we arrived at the final product.

This recording has been heavily auto-tuned, so it cannot go flat. And the more you drink, the better it sounds.

EH: How has beer influenced Wow & Flutter over the years?

W&F: It hasn't influenced us any more than LSD influenced Syd Barrett or shotguns influenced Kurt Cobain.

EH: How can the kids get a hold of the EP?

W&F: We have seven other albums that no one under 21 has ever bought; however, we promise that the next record will be all ages. We'll probably make this EP available in another format—MiniDisc, perhaps—when we run out of beer.

EH: What is your favorite beverage while playing music?

W&F: Cord usually drinks Cristal in a chilled goblet with cocaine around the rim. Ryan's drink of choice is the Robo-Lantern (Robitussin served in a small pumpkin). Jack likes Appletinis and anything that tastes like bubble gum.