You've probably noticed that we don't post about a lot of zydeco music here. In fact, scarcely a day goes by where someone doesn't say, "Hey! What about all that zydeco music you never post about on End Hits, huh?" It has been a decided oversight. But I've been an appreciator ever since becoming mildly obsessed with New Orleans music as a teenager (which is what happens when you grow up in an area that has no musical heritage of its own to speak of). I've found zydeco to be rowdy, raw dance music that, apart from its Cajun musical cousin, stands more or less alone in the American music spectrum. There's accordion. There's washboard. There are songs sung in Creole. And there's always a party. It is the opposite of the kind of music that was played in my hometown.

On that note, here's a video clip of Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys, who are playing at Duff's Garage on Sunday. And it's a barnburner. Ledet and the Playboys play a particularly rockin' brand of zydeco, with a lot of muscle in the bottom end and surf guitar licks from the guitar. Other than Queen Ida, there historically aren't a ton of female zydeco singers, and Louisiana's Ledet has me wondering why. This show looks like it'll be a lot of fun—an ideal way to keep warm on Sunday night.

Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys at Duff's Garage, 1635 SE 7th, Sun Jan 29, 8 pm, $10