(Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th) I have heard exactly one heavy music fan claim they did not care for Blood Ceremony's self-titled 2008 debut. Are you fucking kidding me? Unabashed Iommi-worshipping guitar, sinister organ, and lyrics birthed from the Necronomicon swirl from netherworldly depths to otherworldly heights—and that's just the first song. Once vocalist/organist Alia O'Brien puts her lips to the mouthpiece and conjures that first flute (yes, flute) solo, the trip really begins. This dark sorceress leads a druggy, unholy dance at the altar of the RIFF, her minions banging their heads approvingly as she lights the pyre beneath you. Yes, this album is a stone classic and that person I mentioned earlier obviously has shit for brains. The Toronto band makes their long overdue Portland debut tonight. Don't miss out. ETHAN JAYNE Also read our article on Ghost.

(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Graveyard is a pack of Swedish ghouls that have robbed the crypt of rock and roll for all its forgotten trinkets and jewels. Unlike most modern retro-rock outfits who've picked at the dry bones of Pentagram's boogieman blues, Graveyard opted to crack open a few different coffins. On their latest slab, Hisingen Blues, they display some of the treasures they found with their necromantic pursuits. They push some hard-charging, hand-clapping MC5 blues and lace it with some darkened Uriah Heep and Jefferson Airplane psychedelia. To keep from seeming too fiendish, they occasionally stop and breathe with a slow and soulful Free groove. Consequently, by digging up the past, Graveyard may have given new life to the stale corpse of rock and roll. ARIS WALES