1. Madonna last night: Partly great, partly terrible, musically worthless, totally worth watching.

2. MIA's middle finger: What Sasha Frere-Jones said.

3. LMFAO: No. No. No no no. I do not accept this package. Return to sender immediately.

4. The two local release shows I caught this weekend—Laura Gibson's and Lost Lander's—were positively outstanding. The one I missed—Neal Morgan—sounds like it was just as good.

5. Lana Del Rey: Glad to see that SNL seems to be in her corner, defending a performance that was awkward and stiff, but not as bad as Brian Williams said it was.

6. Hey, Floater fans who are in the market for a single Zildjian cymbal! What a steal! He'll even sign it! (thanks RS)

7. The new King Tuff tune is a STONE COLD JAM.

King Tuff "Wild Desire" by 230MP3