White Rainbow just kicked down a couple albums worth of New Age swag over at Bandcamp, and beats are straight fire—it's gotta be the best thing that Forkner has put out in the last year (and 2011 saw a lot of music from that dude). The record's called Infinity Beat, and if you're one of the first 111 to buy it, you get to roast on a 20-minute bonus track. Or you could just wait it out, because after the first 111, it's all gonna be pay-what-you-want. You probably wanna just make sure you get your hands on that bonus track, though—tracks like "THE RETURN OF TRIP HOP" and "PUMPER SM(º)(º)TH" make good on their caps locked promise, sounding REAL large and sticky with a combo of pumped-out hip hop and smooth electronics. Dunno why, but all I can seem to think about while listening is driving a souped-up Land Rover on Goldschläger.