Taking place over two intense nights at the Alleyway on NE Alberta, Portland's first annual Ceremony of Sludge is collecting together some of the best upcoming metal bands around. PDX has grown a bit of a metal rep the last few years, and now some lesser known, though no less brutal acts get to take the stage and show off their head-banging, face-tearing, genre-spanning sounds.

Friday, March 2nd, features Heavy Voodoo, Axxicorn, Avi Dei and Zmoke. , The next night, Saturday, will have Lamprey, Towers, Doomsower, and Witch Throne. Now, get this, each show is only four bucks and each ticket gets you a voucher for a download of the Ceremony of Sludge Vol. I mix. Click the links to familiarize yourself, and then plan on getting that long hair and vintage Slayer jacket ready for what's being billed as a "literal meeting of metal minds."