So I've been kicking around that new Sweating Tapes compilation of Portland synth music, and I'm pretty floored by just how the influence of those acts (Arohan, ASSS, Litanic Mask, etc.) has began to infiltrate our local scene in a powerful and growing way. There isn't a bad artist on the comp, but the one I keep finding myself coming back to has been Light House. Featuring former members of the Rapture, Atriarch, and Hot Victory, and fronted by acclaimed designer Dawn Sharp, Light House specialize in romantic, minimal dark wave reminiscent of Dead Can Dance's stately invocations, with a latent undertow of dirge-y atmospherics and drum machine.

Stream "2012" and "Wishbone" from their upcoming 7-inch below, and see Light House live in concert after they return from tour on March 9th at East End with Grave Babies.


Light House - "2012"

Light House - "Wishbone"