It's been just over a year since Amanda Brown, co-owner of preeminent outre-psych label Not Not Fun, first launched off to release dance records under the imprint 100% Silk. At that time, NNF was relentlessly saturating the underground market with acclaimed mutations of psych, drone, and trance, but Brown wasn't content to simply ride that wave. She was already busy predating the current vogue in rave and house music, as exemplified first by her collaboration with Matrix Metals' Sam Meringue under the ego LA Vampires, and soon after with the announcement that Silk was to begin curating the releases of like-minded artists. Now, just over a year later, Amanda and 100% Silk are already lining up their 26th release, and the label is one of the fastest-rising on the planet.

For a better idea of what Silk is getting at, peep this bitty from their mission statement: “Making 45 RPM 12 inch singles of diamond-life dance & bliss-disco & basement luxury grooves by friends and lovers from all over the world.” Think of Silk as an auteur of mulched, bedroom casino music, crowned with an aesthetic penchant for over-processed pads and a refreshing absence of exclusivity. Seriously though, don't just take my word for it. Instead, chew on these gum-snapping new drops from Silk (including one from "Prince of Portland" Paul Dickow, AKA Strategy) and make up your own mind.

Strategy - Boxy Music
"Prince of Portland Paul Dickow turns his no-nonsense Nudge-sludge awesomeness into revved-up, avant tech-house arousal as Strategy. The moniker has found Dickow checking out hooks in his Community Library and niche-in’-out nooks on Kranky. With SILK he separates: “Skanking Stabs” stomps with reverb canned-can drums, bouncing in a dancehall vault. “Feel The Earth” is not your daddy’s acid jazz, with its bouncing house arresting piano bar tipped jar. “Starry Day” soft serves up a swirl of 80’s vamp funk, contempo computer chocolate chips, and haywire Cyberdyne scheming sequences. The dueling “Bolly Valve” tracks mix Arabic woodwind skill scales with whisper sizzle clatter data. Limited edition, with hot pink pop art Neu-bout-town jackets designed by the artist. Strategic move for winning your love."

Polysick - Flow FM
"Tune in Tokyo, Rio, Rome, to Flow FM, Polysick’s choppy, blip-bloppy, reality-byting radio station. Channel glide between robotic-chaotic dub, ecstatic acid static, sunny synth sampladelica, Jack-the-Risker groove stabs, Rowdy Rick Dees-sleaze, organ-doning vogue-zoning, crunk color wheelies, sweet jellies and sick jams. And now a word from our SILK Sponsors: Flow FM has the sleekest sounds on the blare-waves."