Last month, we introduced you to Portland project CASH Music, the non-profit dedicated to helping musicians by providing open-source tools for making and sharing their music. Notably, CASH Music successfully raised their pledged goal in funds via a Kickstarter campaign that's going to allow them to go forward with the project. In fact, the campaign is still happening, up until this Friday, March 9.

Keeping with the classy attitude the group has displayed thus far, CASH Music is now giving out a compilation to anyone donating $10 or more to the fund, and not just any compilation. The digital comp is staggering at nearly 60 tracks, and full of exclusive stuff including a previously unreleased version of Elliott Smith's iconic song "Needle in the Hay." Featuring harmonica and even some horns, the new version of the beloved song would be worth the compilation itself, but there's even more. The comp boasts some local tracks from the Thermals, Robinsons, and LAKE, as well as headlining acts like The National, Deerhunter, Neon Indian, Amanda Palmer, just a whole wide open selection of artists.

You can go to the CASH Music Kickstarter site and donate some cash money to get the comp, help a non-profit, and enrich the local music community. That's what we in the business call Win Win. If you've already donated, you're also getting the comp, and there's a little "Thank You" video below the jump from Maggie and Jesse, check it and hit up their site for more info.