• Charlie Vortruba

After some apparent internet confusion over the title of their new record, Mean Jeans just posted on their Facebook and Twitter that they're scrapping the title altogether and taking suggestions for a new album name. By all accounts the album was something about being on the moon, on Mars, or some kind of celestial body, but the band's throwing it out and letting you take a crack at it. Think you got a good one? Tell them so right now, before they change their mind or go with something even worse! The band is saying so far Pringles on Jupiter is their favorite suggestion, but I think we can do better. The new album, whatever it'll be called, is still scheduled to come out April 17 on Dirtnap.

[Yes, the record is definitely called Mean Jeans on Mars—and you can hear a track here—but we nominate the title Rings Around Uranus, because we are hilarious. The Mean Jeans play their record release show on 4/20 (cough) at the Eagles Lodge at SE Hawthorne and 50th.—Eds.]