(Star Theater, 13 NW 6th) Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm should take some of the credit for nudging Aussie noise-blues trio feedtime into the light (although the "Arm Bump" sounds more like a medical issue than a stamp of approval). A power trio in the truest sense, feedtime—NO CAPS—began chugging away in the late '70s along with Aussie brethren the Moodists and the Celibate Rifles, and were gone a decade later. Sub Pop just released a boxed set entitled The Aberrant Years, a four CD/LP collection from the band's early daze with Aussie label Aberrant Records. The band will perform a handful of US dates, including a pair—fittingly—with Mudhoney. Simply put: One listen to "Motorbike Girl" and you will forget everything that arrived after feedtime. ML Also see My, What a Busy Week!

(Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th) There are many reasons for metal fans to be very excited about the Scream for Violence tour. First, there's English thrash legends Onslaught, who since 1985 have never once jumped the pond to bring their metal forces to the US. Second, there is Mpire of Evil (a name that feels very gross to type). Mpire formed in 2010 and features Mantas, Antton, and the Demolition Man, who all spent time as members of Venom at one point or another. Unfortunately, the not-so-exciting part of this show is both band's new stuff. Onslaught's recent efforts are pretty basic thrash with little to no frills. It's not the worst, but there's not much to it. Mpire of Evil (ICK!!!) kind of sound like your uncle's thrash band would if they did a reunion show. It's incredibly clunky, and feels like old men desperately trying to rehash past glories. But it'll be worth attending, because you can rest assured that Onslaught will reach into their back catalog, and Mpire will play lots of classic Venom songs, even though for part of the time you may have to grin and bear it. AW

(Al's Den, 303 SW 12th) Read our article on Frank Fairfield.