Sharon Van Etten & Band (including Heather Woods Broderick, second from left)
  • Dusdin Condren
  • Sharon Van Etten & Band (including Heather Woods Broderick, second from left)

Another week, another Mercury music section to console yourself with as Jack White says there will never, ever be a White Stripes reunion. Actually, what he says is: "I would probably say absolutely not." Uh? Probably not or absolutely not, Jack? Either way, I'll be the one laughing when they inevitably get back together in 10 or 15 years, if not sooner—mark my words, it will happen. I guarantee it.

In which I get sort of weirdly emo about Sharon Van Etten. She's enlisted Heather Woods Broderick, a former Portlander and outstanding songwriter in her own right, to be in her live band. We'd be angry with Van Etten poaching our best talent if we weren't so happy to see them performing together.

Sharon Van Etten - "Serpents"

Grooving rockers Plants and Animals decided Quebec wasn't French enough for them, so they went to the source of all that is Gallic (i.e. France) to record their latest record. The results? Comme ci, comme ça!

Plants and Animals - "Lightshow"

Don't let his recent SXSW appearance, a brand-new album, and his upcoming show fool you: Luck-One has retired. No, really. Dude's spending the rest of his days clipping coupons and watching Matlock.

Luck-One & Dekk ft. Dizz - "Black Seed"

Now a full-fledged band, Yellow Ostrich enlisted Portland producer Beau Sorenson to work on their new record, and they came to Portland to mix it.

Yellow Ostrich - "The Shakedown"

Plus a big ol' batch of Up & Coming shows.