• Hayley Young

Local favorites Loch Lomond just wrapped up a European tour which was, by all accounts, a total blast and success, and they were toting a fine new five-song EP on the road with them. White Dresses was recorded relatively quickly for the band, and while it won't see a US release, it's available online—just like Viagra, or large sums of Nigerian money!—and they'll have a handful of physical copies at the merch table at their Sunday night show at Mississippi Studios. The songs from White Dresses are likely going to make up part of the next Loch Lomond full-length, but the European EP is a full statement in its own right.

We can't resist posting the EP's closing track, "Knuf Sirhc," which might seem like a mysterious song title until you read it backwards, revealing the name of a well-known Portland musician.


Loch Lomond - "Knuf Sirhc"

Loch Lomond plays Sunday at Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi) along with Dinosaur Feathers—who are responsible for the best Game of Thrones song ever—and Lemolo.