Does it feel like Portland's electronic music scene is getting smaller? If it does, it's certainly not because of any lack of talent or effort—rather, it seems the scene is just becoming more inclusive, if not downright incestuous. With more and more artists willing to team up and take creative risks than I've ever seen in this town, the growing network of collaborative relationships is bearing increasingly good fruit.

For proof of such, look no further than this drop from Sound People, the latest cooperative effort between Gulls' Jesse Munro Johnson and Strategy's Paul Dickow. The tape's called RESON8, and it's a no-filler, 30-minute set of crunchy gutterdub, minimal electronic gamelan, and kalimbafied junkyard chillscapes. Right now the whole record's available as a pay-what-you-want digital download or cassette via Boomarm Nation's Bandcamp, so cop it while it's hot.