And And And's new video captures the world from a cat's-eye view. Or so it would seem—drummer Bim Ditson writes in the description on YouTube:

I taped my iPhone to my roommate's cat and edited the results into this music video.
Wow. I'm not quite sure how he pulled this off. I don't know if you have ever met a cat before, but cats hate everything, and that includes having stuff taped to them. Anyway, this cat seems pretty okay with lugging around a smartphone, and the result is that it wanders around both inside and outside the house, just looking at stuff. (This is more interesting than what most cats do: shit and sleep.) Set to the laidback strum of And And And's "Get Lost" from their new Lost EP, it's a contemplative look at the world that surrounds us. Well, either that or it's a vision of the future, in which iPhone-Cats have won the revolution, and stalk the abandoned world of humans as its new overlords.