Here's an exclusive video of Portland Cello Project performing at the Aladdin Theater back in September. They're performing a number which PCP's Doug Jenkins politely introduces as "That's My Sandwich"—however, astute listeners will quickly detect that it is actually the name of a Kanye/Jay-Z song that's called something else. Something that rhymes with sandwich.

(Jenkins is on to something, though. Why there aren't more songs about sandwiches is beyond me. Shouldn't, like, 50 percent of all songs be about sandwiches?)

This song—under another family-friendly name, "That's My B"—also appears on PCP's new album, Homage, which comes out May 1. The cello army will play three shows at the Doug Fir this weekend to celebrate the record's release: one each on Friday and Saturday night, and an all-ages 5 pm matinee on Saturday. These shows are also part of the two-week-long Soul'd Out Music Festival, which kicks off on Thursday.