Well, the Mercury sites went down this morning and my original, Pulitzer-worthy blog post about the new Mean Jeans video seems to have vanished entirely. Somehow, I know Facebook buying Instagram is responsible.

So here it is again, the great new intergalactic video from the Mean Jeans, for their song "Anybody Out There" from the new record Mean Jeans on Mars. It's dope. It's dopey! It has aliens and spaceships and laserdiscs and Jägerbombs and all kindsa dumb stuff. I love it.

This video is the least bullshitty thing that's happened on a bullshit morning that's been packed with bullshitty bullshit. Thank you, Mean Jeans. You bring a smile to my face.

All right, done pouting. The Mean Jeans celebrate the Mean Jeans on Mars record release on 4/20 (duh) at the Eagles Lodge. It will be a sloppy mess, and the best damn party of the weekend. See you there.