It all started out simply enough, as a little friendly half-court basketball competition between a couple of Portland bands, played on a hoop built on a tour van. After some other bands caught wind of this b-ball bandwagon, it quickly spiraled into a thirty two band, bracket style basketball tournament that took place across PDX last summer. And guess what? Rigsketball is back.

That's right, another tournament is being planned as we speak, and any Portland band is invited to register. The action will take place between July 26th and August 9th, but sign ups start this weekend, April 15th, and once the required 32 teams get in, that's it. If you want a chance to show off your skills this summer, go to the Rigsketball site and learn how to sign up, donate, or just get more details on the event. If you don't rightly remember last summer's righteous round ball, take a look at the video below, remember the highlights, and get in on the games again this year.