Daniel Johnston's new comic book/album features a bunch of Portland guests. Space Ducks: An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness—its humble title notwithstanding—was the result of the songwriter's lifelong dream to make a comic book, and there's also a fancy iPad game app that goes with it too. Johnston's accompanying new album, Space Ducks: Soundtrack has seven new Johnston songs plus tracks by a bunch of guests, including Portland's Fruit Bats and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Portland ad company Wieden + Kennedy worked with Johnston to create the multimedia package, which initially began as a simple redesign of Johnston's site. But that led to Johnston writing the full-length comic, and W+K bringing it to life through the iPad app (in the iTunes store here here). Chris Funk of the Decemberists helped with the curation of the music and also lent his voice to the game; James Mercer of the Shins also did some voice work. In the meantime, you can hear all of the Space Ducks: Soundtrack over on Spinner this week. I'll include the track list after the jump, as Spinner doesn't say who performs which song. Fruit Bats' "Evil Magic" and UMO's "Satanic Planet" are definitely worth checking out.

Video via Fast Co Create

1. “Space Ducks Theme Song” — Daniel Johnston
2. “American Dream — Daniel Johnston
3. “Sense Of Humor” — Daniel Johnston
4. “Come Down” — Eleanor Friedberger
5. “Evil Magic” — Fruit Bats
6. “Mean Girls Give Pleasure” — Daniel Johnston
7. “Moment Of Laughter” — Lavender Diamond
8. “Satanic Planet” — Unknown Mortal Orchestra
9. “Wanting You” — Daniel Johnston
10. “Mask” — Daniel Johnston
11. “Mountain” — Daniel Johnston
12. “Space Ducks” — Deer Tick