One more video before the weekend...

This week's issue includes my interview with Damien Jurado about his new record, Maraqopa. If you've heard it, you know it's great. If you haven't heard it, it's time to remedy that. Jurado told me about a dream he had that directly inspired the album, and if you think that means Maraqopa's all about unicorns and stage fright and weird sex stuff (i.e. the things people normally dream about), you're wrong. Maraqopa is actually a desolate sort of western, taking place either at the gates of Eden or at the mouth of Hell. The thing that makes Maraqopa so great is that Jurado knows that those two places aren't really so different after all—it really depends more on where your mind is at.

Damien Jurado plays Sunday night, April 22, at Holocene; he'll be playing with a full band, and it will be stony and kickass. Here's a video shot by Into the Woods which they recently posted as part of their "B-Sides" series—it's their series of outtakes, of sorts, where something went wrong during the shoot. In this case, Into the Woods did a shoot with Jurado at the Burgerville in Woodland, Washington, which went perfectly well, but then all of the footage was stolen out of the car of one of the cameramen. Luckily, the audio survived, and there is some grainy video of the shoot that was taken on an iPad. Into the Woods combined these elements with security-camera footage of the robber breaking into the cameraman's car outside of Rontoms. All put together, it makes a certain kind of dream-sense when you see it, much like Maraqopa. At the very least, the track sounds great; it's a song called "We Are What We Dream," a terrific tune that for whatever reason didn't make it onto Maraqopa.

You can read the full account of the shoot by Mercury contributor Matt Stangel over at Into the Woods' site. They have Episode 2 of their B-Sides series posted, too: It's the late, lamented Joggers* running through a ramshackle cover of Television's "Marquee Moon," which sort of falls apart and comes back together and falls apart again. And don't miss Jurado on Sunday—he's the real deal, a songwriter and performer of the very upper echelon, one who grazes the truth with each guitar strum.

* But not too lamented; after all, no more Joggers means we now get the very awesome Street Nights.