While one might not initially think of the Red Fang dudes as role models (exhibits A, B, and C), they're getting into the do-good business with their next hometown show. On Friday, May 25, Red Fang headline a benefit show at the Hawthorne Theatre which will raise funds for the art department of Portland's Grant High School. It will be just like a bake sale! But with more metal.

The show—which also includes performances from Lopez, Nether Regions, and a band of Grant High students called Hell's Parrish—will raise money for basic art supplies like paint, paper, and clay, as well as awareness for the beleaguered, underfunded arts programs in schools. Red Fang's Aaron Beam has this to say:

It is a shame that Grant High's arts are underfunded, and a bit mysterious to me. Young artists looking for cheap venues to create and display their works move to and revitalize cities and neighborhoods. It happens repeatedly. I watched it happen in Portland in the 1990s, with artist communities such as The Lab and The Modern Zoo, and clubs like the X-Ray.
It all goes down Friday, May 25 at the Hawthorne Theatre. It's a mere 10 bucks and tickets are on sale here.