(Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie) Current fashion dictates that middle-aged rockers play their most critically beloved albums before a live audience. Matthew Sweet's 11th studio album, Modern Art, was released last fall, so it could make sense for him to be touring behind that, rather than, say, an album that came out two decades ago. Unless of course that album is Girlfriend, his 1991 masterpiece of power pop. It's tempting to be cynical about a tour designed to exploit the epidemic of '90s nostalgia. But Girlfriend was a huge hit precisely because it spoke so candidly about being dumped on your ass, possibly the unifying thread of the human condition. By combining exceptional songwriting, early grunge, and a nostalgic leaning toward the guitar rock from his own childhood—the Byrds, Big Star, Neil Young—Sweet created an album that sounds as timeless as its theme of age-old heartbreak. REBECCA WILSON Also see My, What a Busy Week!


(Backspace, 115 NW 5th) TxE's official release party for their very well-received February album We Get It in True is tonight. After listening to the album all month and watching them creep onto Portland indie-rock bills over the last year, I think we're all ready to get it in true to some cold cuts, rhymes, and live production craft. These hometown hipster heartbreakers might make you consider installing a subwoofer on your fixie. The show gets started with Northwest rappers Matty, Fli Boi Moe, and Mikey Vegaz, and the party is hosted by TxE's in-house producer Calvin Valentine—if we're lucky maybe he'll bust out the famous talk-box. ROCHELLE HUNTER


(Rose Garden, 1 Center Ct) What is there to say about Coldplay that hasn't already been said? They have the distinction of being arguably the biggest band in the world while simultaneously being one of the most detested. Chris Martin & Co. can also take credit for the mountains of horrible copycat bands that flooded the airwaves upon the success of 2002's A Rush of Blood to the Head. Probably not since Nirvana (okay, maybe Limp Bizkit) has a band so greatly influenced so many lesser bands' five minutes of fame. That said, Coldplay is still around, and they continue to divide the country more than any political party. Yet for some inexplicable reason, I'm kind of glad they're still here. MARK LORE


(Roseland, 8 NW 6th) Justice's last Portland show at the Roseland in 2008 is already the stuff of legend. With a dazzling light show, the French electronic duo tore through the tracks that made up their striking, rocking 2007 debut, . Their new album, Audio, Video, Disco, is pretty awful, but that hasn't stopped this show from selling way the hell out, too. NED LANNAMANN