"She said that I think it's time to move to Oregon/I know, I know, I know, I know I'm not free," sings Junk Culture's Deepak Mantena. We know the feeling. Actually, Oregon's quite a long way from Oxford, Mississippi, where Mantena's been living—but he's originally from Oregon, and he's planning to move back here, too. "Oregon" is the opening track on the forthcoming Junk Culture debut full-length, Wild Quiet. We've got it here in an exclusive premiere.


Junk Culture - "Oregon"

It's a clattery, brash pop song with echoing guitar chords, huge drums, and a hook to match. The song makes Mantena's (and our) home state sound like an escape, a distant paradise where things might be a little easier. Go us. But before we Oregonians start getting all back-patty about this "Oregon" song, though, it's worth noting that Wild Quiet—out July 31 on Illegal Art—also has a song called "Washington." (Presumably, that's a super-sad ballad about how Washington isn't as great as Oregon.)