Here's the first preview track from the upcoming Onuinu album Mirror Gazer, which comes out August 21 on Bladen County. It's the first full-length release from Onuinu—the alter ego of Dorian Duvall, who recorded the record with Jeremy Sherrer co-producing and playing drums.

Tell us more about Mirror Gazer, press release!

Dorian calls the music Disco-Hop and is easy to cite influences like: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Michael Jackson, the Brainfeeder Crew, and Stones Throw Records. The giant chorus of opening track, "Mirror Gazer," the '70s shimmer of "Happy Home," and the roller rink ready "Always Awkward," point to his foundation in the disco, power pop and hip hop worlds.

"I was drawn more to guitar when I was a teenager listening to Hendrix and jazz and then transitioned into more pop music like the Beatles, Kinks, Zombies," Duvall says.

Here's "Happy Home," which shows evidence of that balance between classic Anglo pop and Dorian's later influences, like Madlib, J Dilla, Prince, and Jan Hammer.


Onuinu - "Happy Home"

Onuinu plays tomorrow night (Fri May 11) at Mississippi Studios. That's a free show. Then he embarks on a national tour with YACHT. Mirror Gazer cover image and tracklist after the jump!


1. Mirror Gazer
2. Always Awkward
3. A Night With
4. A Step In The Right Direction
5. Last Word
6. Lost
7. Forever
8. Ice Palace
9. Happy Home