Hopefully you've heard the terrific "New Cat" from My Body—a song that received no small praise earlier on End Hits. Now here's the video, and it's a vector-ific clip from Calvin Waterman that raises plenty of intriguing questions. Like, where is that black car going at 2:15 in the morning? Who's staying in Room 924? And why does this video remind me so much of the Chuck Yeager flight simulator computer program my older brother played on our family's old IBM?

Some questions are better left unanswered, and the song's lush backing track and hypnotic melody grows in resonance as the track goes on. The video's visuals, too, get more involving as it progresses, and the basic colors and shapes begin to resemble something out of real life.

My Body play a free show this Saturday, May 19, at Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi) with Wild Ones and Adventure Galley. Listen to another My Body track here.