Over two sparse, acoustic albums, the Tallest Man on Earth—who is not actually the tallest man on Earth—has proven himself to be one of the finest singer/songwriters around. Tallest Man—actually one Kristian Matsson—recorded his new album, There's No Leaving Now, at home in Sweden. He's using overdubs for the first time, but don't worry, purists, this isn't gonna be Pet Sounds. A new track just went up on Rolling Stone, which you can listen to right here:


The Tallest Man on Earth - "1904"

He's announced a bevy of tour dates for the late summer and fall, and while there's no Portland show announced yet, we have it on good authority that he'll be in town soon. (If you want any more hints, you'll have to wait until May 30.)

I like "1904," and while it doesn't quite grab me the way many of the Tallest Man on Earth's best songs have, I couldn't be more eager for his new record. There's No Leaving Now comes out June 12, and we probably won't shut up about it.