(Rose Garden, 1 Center Ct) If you told tiny, adorable, 10-year-old me that I would one day have a chance to witness a fully staged production of Pink Floyd's bloated, indulgent, over-the-top tribute to bloated, indulgent, over-the-top rock stardom, I would have shrieked with glee (in a high, girlish voice). Well, a lot's changed since then, not just my voice. I had a pretty bad falling out with The Wall, along with most of Pink Floyd's catalog, in ensuing years. (I blame The Division Bell, really; who can love a band that has their name on a turd that massive?) But I've since come around a bit, and while you will never see me move faster than I do to turn the dial when the opening guitar arpeggios of "Hey You" come on the classic rock station—as they do every 1.32 hours, as mandated by law—I'm actually pretty damn excited to see all those bricks in the wall, in the flesh. Grumpy ol' Roger Waters has mellowed out considerably in his old age, and although the rest of Pink Floyd won't be in tow (RIP, Syd and Rick), expect this to be a loving, nostalgic, communal revisit to one of the most caustic and bilious albums ever recorded. NED LANNAMANN

(Al's Den, 303 SW 12th) Anyone who's taken Lupon or the new Court the Storm for a spin knows the power of Y La Bamba frontwoman Luz Elena Mendoza's pained and beautiful voice, and this week you can bask in it as she performs a weeklong residency of solo gigs at the Crystal Hotel's storied underground hideaway. MARJORIE SKINNER