(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) Directly mimicking sounds from music's past is a dangerous game: You can either come out the other end sounding like Sharon Jones (if you're lucky) or like Lenny Kravitz (if you're terrible). Fortunately, Nick Waterhouse clearly lands in the Sharon Jones camp, making vintage soul and vamping R&B that sounds like it dropped clear outta 1963. Last year's Is That Clear EP hinted that maybe Waterhouse might be a one-trick gimmick—albeit an immensely enjoyable one—but this year's Time's All Gone full-length proves the precise opposite. In mining those well-worn, familiar sounds of the '60s, Waterhouse has located the dirty, sweaty, grimy heart of those classic records, and he navigates a swanky, gimmick-free trip through swing, blues, and early rock 'n' roll. With two of Portland's grooviest DJs rounding out the bill, this is gonna be one jumpin', jivin' Memorial Day dance party. NED LANNAMANN

(East End, 203 SE Grand) Teeph hail from the sleepy party town of Chico, California, where they shove their relentless heavy rock down the throats of folks who treat metal like a weekend mistress. Their music is as serious as an 80-pound bag of concrete dangling over your head, while the lyrics—screamed at indecipherable levels—are less serious, though just about as subtle as an 80-pound bag of concrete dangling over your head. Songs like "Hipster Killers" (sure to translate well in Portland) and "Soliciting Sex at the Deerpens" (a Chico reference guaranteed to be completely lost on hipsters) are made even creepier given the volume at which they're delivered. Those with pre-existing heart conditions need not attend. MARK LORE