Another week, another Mercury music section to commit to memory and then recite aloud as you wander around the city. You do this every week. It's really weird.

There are a number of reasons why the new Tu Fawning record is so good: a renewed focus on collaboration, putting melody in the forefront, and lyrical openness, among them. The result is the monumental A Monument. (See what I did there?)

Tu Fawning - "Bones"

Rebecca Gates and the Consortium's new The Float is the first full-length Gates has released since her days with the Spinanes. It was worth the wait.

Rebecca Gates and the Consortium - "&&&"

Banana Stand Media has been holding secret shows and recording excellent live albums of Portland's best bands. This Sunday, it comes above ground for the release of a fine compilation album.

Sons of Huns - "Super Kanpai Rainbow"

Plus an abundance of Up & Coming shows.