Here's the new video from Truckstop Darlin', shot live at Dante's right here in town. The local group decided that a live clip would be a better visual representation than miming to an album track, and it's a good call. There's extra thump and energy to this performance of "Don't Walk Away," proving that Truckstop Darlin have got plenty to offer not just in the songwriting department, but in the live setting as well.

Their second album Hope and the Heart It Breaks just came out this week, and they're playing a record release show tomorrow night, Saturday, June 9, at the Star Theater. If this video isn't enough to tide you over until then, take a listen to "I See You" from the album. It's heavier and hoarier than you might expect from a band wielding a pedal steel—and it sounds great.


Truckstop Darlin' - "I See You"