Radiation City, dropping science
  • Radiation City, dropping science

The summer installments of OMSI's monthly OMSI After Dark series—in which the museum stays open for the evening, but is closed to pesky kids (which leaves plenty of room for lots of attractive adults in various states of inebriation)—are looking super-duper swell. This year they're adding live shows from local bands to go along with the program, and here's what they've got in store:

June 27—Radiation City and The Robinsons' Psychedelic Famile Band
July 25—Wild Ones and Mimicking Birds
August 29—Lost Lander and Blue Skies for Black Hearts
That's a great lineup for all three nights. Each month has a different theme: June's is fire, July's is the future, and August's is fashion. Those all sound good, but June's fire theme sounds especially cool: "Fireworks, fire tornadoes, fire in ice, burning magnesium, multicolored fire! Fire-quenching geysers, tsunamis, and bubble showers."

You had me at fire tornadoes, OMSI.

OMSI After Dark kicks off each night at 7 pm, with the bands starting on the outdoor plaza at 9:45 pm (music goes to 11:30 pm). You need to be 21, of course, and it's $18 bucks to get into the museum and see the show. Tickets on sale at OMSI's site.

In other words, see you there. Science and music! You can't beat it—scientific FACT.