Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't contain a single word about Chris Brown or Drake. Who are these no-name bands we keep writing about, anyway? Shouldn't real music news cover important stuff like two very famous, shitty-music-making asshats getting into a squabble? Indie-schmindie.

In all seriousness, you really haven't heard of Wussy. That is, unless you read Robert Christgau religiously—he's been ridin' their jock like there's no tomorrow. He says they're the best band in America. He's onto something.

Wussy - "Motorcycle"

The original title of Kaia Wilson's great new album was My Animals All Died. Thankfully, things got a little better for her, and it now bears the just-as-awesome but far-more-hopeful title Two Adult Women in Love.

Kaia Wilson - "The Night Was on to Me"

The psychedelic sounds of Eternal Tapestry can only have come from one place: the West Coast. Hey, that's here!

Eternal Tapestry - "Wholeodome"

Eight-piece local soul outfit Brownish Black don't make smooth, buttery soul. It's raw, ramshackle, and right.

Brownish Black - "Dancefloor"

And enough Up & Coming shows to punch up a nightclub.