(Back Door Theater, 4319 SE Hawthorne) Phil Elverum has been holed up in his Anacortes church-turned-recording studio, and now you can hear the fruits of his labor on the vividly abstract Clear Moon LP. Elverum, under his Mount Eerie guise, performs the first of two nights in town at the intimate Back Door Theater (and he'll perform Tuesday at Valentine's as well). NED LANNAMANN

(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Just to let you know, it's awesome free local show season. Here's another! Sunny psychedelic pop sensations Aan will make you smile and wanna hold hands and stuff. What started as Bud Wilson's solo project turned into a full-fledged, SXSW-going, touring, recording, show-playing band! They have a new record on the way, called Amor Ad Nauseum, and their new track, "I Don't Need Love," is up on End Hits. Meanwhile, Support Force plays post-rock with intricate guitar workings that will mess with your head even more than Jonathan Magdaleno's introspective, thoughtful lyrics. And Genders is, to the naked eye, not too far off from recently defunct band Youth, minus one of the lead singers and most of their songs. The style remains similar, though: lo-fi, beachy rock 'n' roll with singer Maggie Morris providing beautiful melodies over the top. It's summer! Let's go to the pool! I mean... Mississippi Studios. ROCHELLE HUNTER

(Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water) San Francisco's Terry Malts rightfully draw comparisons to the Ramones (see especially "I Do"), but the resemblance occurs in sonics only. There's no cartoon aesthetic here, and there's a tunefulness and raggedness in the guitars and tones that Queens' godfathers of punk never employed. What's more, Terry Malts' songs are so much damn fun to listen to that you might as well just turn it up and say fuck-all to that whole debate anyway. It's okay to love 'em both. GRANT BRISSEY