(The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) Libyans have a sound that's instantly pleasing to fans of classic punk while also thrillingly new. Earlier this year, the Boston-based group played their city's Ladyfest festival, a celebration that originated in Olympia in 2000 and now occurs sporadically to highlight and promote the presence of women in the performing arts. Libyans sound and feel right at home in this ethos—one that is dear to us in the Northwest, along with their unapologetic DIY aesthetic. Formed in 2010 among the burgeoning underground scene in Massachussetts, the band developed around the distinctive female vocals of Liz Panella, whose classically snarling punk intonations are endearing, evocative, and strikingly melodic among breakneck, thrashing instrumentation. Their debut album A Common Place features 13 pummeling tracks that end too soon (most are about a minute). Download it on Bandcamp to provide some gas money for their journey out here; we are truly lucky to have them. MARANDA BISH