You like free shows and RSVP'ing? Well, this is your week, friend!

Because there is a bounty of live music to go see this week, and it won't cost you a nickel—all it costs is a tiny bit of your soul by giving away your email address. That's, like, nothing! Kidding aside (and that's what that your old email address is for, anyway), these look like some pretty great times.

• On Wednesday, July 11, vitaminwater and Fader are bringing their "Uncapped" series to Portland. They won't divulge who is playing this show, but a little bird told us and it's a damn impressive lineup—two totally different genres, two totally excellent acts. [***UPDATE!: The performers have been revealed: Kendrick Lamar and Best Coast.] This one's taking place at the Lumberyard indoor skate and bike park out on NE 82nd, although you probably want to leave your deck at home. This one is 21 and older only. RSVP here.

• On Friday, July 13, VICE is hosting a launch party for a new drink called Air. Yum! Sweet, crisp, refreshing Air! (The invitation touts that "Complimentary Air" will be available.) We have no idea what Air tastes like, but it's basically sparkling water + alcohol, which sounds just fine. So what bands did they score for the party? Not Air, of course, but the similarly liquid-named Lemonade, plus DJs Kingdom and Brenmar, so this will be one for gettin' down. (Anyone ordering a "Lemonade" instead of Air will be swiftly escorted from the premises.) This takes place at Branx and is also 21 and older (sorry kids). RSVP here.

• There's more! On Saturday, July 14, Vans and IAMSOUND Records are throwing a party at Holocene, with interactive art, merch giveaways, food trucks, and... music from the Thermals, Fidlar, and DJ Bobby Dangerous (don't worry, he's not actually as dangerous as he sounds). Basically this boils down to a free Thermals show, which, translated, means YES. This should be a very good time, and also I could use a new pair of Vans. And it's 18 and over! RSVP here (that link will redirect to Facebook).

• (Oh, that's not all—if you can't get enough of RSVP'ing for free shows, Showdeer is gonna do a series of seven free weekly RSVP shows this summer, and the first one takes place next week, on Friday, July 20 at Bunk Bar. The bands are White Arrows, And And And, and Battleme, a very solid lineup. Bands for the other six shows are TBA; the series concludes at the Crystal Ballroom on August 30. RSVP for the first show here; it's another Facebook link—doesn't look like the RSVP link is up just yet but it should be soon. You can skip the RSVP part, which includes a short survey, and pay $15 to see the show, so there's that option too, moneybags.)

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