East End booker Gabe Lageson, who's been with the venue since it opened back in 2007, has announced he'll no longer be booking shows at the venue. As a part-owner of the space, Lageson continually brought garage, punk, and metal shows to the inner Eastside, and while booking has been occasionally erratic and sometimes difficult to confirm as of late, his efforts and terrific bills will be sorely missed.

This announcement comes the week after East End's annual block party blowout, which was a two-day affair this year and saw a huge amount of punk and metal bands take over the outdoor space adjacent to the bar. That event, too, was marked by some difficulties, including headliners Repulsion and another band, Blood Freak, both cancelling last minute, and a number of people standing outside the cyclone fence and listening to bands for free, not paying the admittance charge.

Lageson posted an explanation of his departure on Facebook last night, the text of which I'll post after the jump. He says he'll continue to book music and events elsewhere. Best of luck to Lageson in all his future endeavors.