• Jake Clifford

One of the highlights of last weekend's PDX Pop Now! fest was Hausu's Sunday night set, which saw the nascent Portland band in full command of their new, louder, heavier sound. To that end, they've just recorded a bunch of new tracks which will be released as a five-song tape in the coming months. They've shared three of those tracks—which were recorded last month at Reed College by Daniel Tomas Ku, and mixed up in Redmond, WA, by Dylan Wall—amongst friends and supporters, and you can here one of them, "Chrysanthemum," over on Into the Woods.

We're premiering another new one for you here. It's titled "Bleak" and it's a relative epic for Hausu, nearly twice as long as what we've heard from them before. It begins all wiry and jittery, then turns a corner into a cascading wall of roaring guitars and thunderous shredding. It's a powerhouse of a track, and kind of a shocker for anyone who pegged Hausu as merely peppy, nimble, post-punk boingers. As anyone who saw Hausu on Sunday night can attest, this is a band entering a stage of excellence: acquiring, processing, shedding influences and hammering out a sonic space that's entirely their own. I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the new songs to come out—Hausu's new tape, when it sees the light of day, will be well worth buying.


Hausu - "Bleak" [DOWNLOAD]

Hausu open for the Promise Ring at the Crystal Ballroom on August 10.