The Corin Tucker Band were busy this weekend shooting a video for "Neskowin," the second single from their upcoming album Kill My Blues. (Which is awesome, by the way.) The video, shot by Alicia J. Rose, saw the band dressed up as the X-Ray Spex—and decked out as hippies, too, apparently—was filmed here in town with a local cast of extras. We're eagerly awaiting the premiere, but in the meantime, you can listen to "Neskowin" right now. Kill Rock Stars has made the digital single available for purchase, so take a listen. It's jerky and angular (are music writers still allowed to use that word?) and full of nervy energy. It's time you started getting excited for Kill My Blues, if you're not already; it comes out September 18. (For the record, the album version of "Neskowin" is roughly 45 seconds longer.)

The Corin Tucker Band also announced the full tour dates of their upcoming tour, which kicks off in Minneapolis on September 13, and sees them returning safely home a month later for a show at Bunk Bar (1028 SE Water) on Saturday, October 13.