One last Pickathon post before heading out to the farm. It's gonna be a hot one. Wear skimpy clothes and lubricate yourself liberally. No, I'm not a doctor.

Here's one from the Lost Bayou Ramblers.

Yes, that's Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes. He's part of the band. I don't think anyone expected that particular left turn in his career—but yes, Gano will be at Pickathon, playing with a progressive Cajun band, and he just might drop a Femme gem or two.

And the Pickathon livestream is up! If you're staying home, check it out; it's quality. After the jump, I'm including the final words from the folks over at Pickathon—basically a last minute survival guide for the weekend. There's important info about camping, the weather, the very amenable shower situation, the great food that'll be available, transportation, and a lot more.