Sonic Recollections, that familiar record store on SE Belmont, turns the big 21 today. Buy it a drink!

Actually, that would be a waste of money, as not only will Sonic Recollections not bang you after you get it drunk, it is an inanimate object and doesn't even have a mouth for drinking. So, there are better ways to spend your dollars--especially since Sonic Recollections is in the midst of a big sale that goes through the end of the month, offering 21 percent off the entire inventory. (21 years -> 21 percent off... get it? Maths are hard.) That's pretty cool, particularly for a record store that often gets overlooked in favor of some of the other stores in town, but has a great inventory (60,000 records in stock, according to them)—I got a Move record there a little while back, and am long overdue for a return visit. This 21 percent off sale is the perfect impetus.

Sonic Recollections, 2701 SE Belmont, noon-6 pm Tues-Sat