Here's the latest video from Yum Yum, for the song "Young Tongues" off their self-titled debut. Shot in Old Town, it shows the seamy nightlife of Portland—away, it should be said, from the fratty bars and clubs that otherwise dot the neighborhood, thank goodness. It's the kind of video that's both sexy and nerve-racking, depicting a shady dude who hangs out in the doorway of the Paris Theater (or whatever it is called now) and then follows a young lady into the Yes and No. There is a shot of someone peeing, for some reason (boo), but it all ends happily with some underwear frolicking (yay!).

Yum Yum plays this Sunday, August 26 at Kelly's Olympian with Cole Browning and Magic Fades. Also, Conflict-of-Interest Pony wants you to know that Yum Yum is the recording alter ego of photographer Minh Tran, a frequent contributor to this blog.