Calling all ass-wigglers! You've probably seen my many exclamation marks that I always associate with hot-shit NYC-based soul DJ, Mr. Jonathan Toubin. (And if you haven't read the harrowing description of how he was run over by a Portland cab while asleep in the Jupiter Hotel—you should definitely check this out!) Anyway, Toubin is up and spinning again, pulling the sweetest soul 45s from his bottomless crates, and he'll be performing TONIGHT at Holocene along with awesome hometown heroes DJ Beyondadoubt and DJ Cooky Parker. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? This show is going to make my ass sweat off!!

And because DJ Jonathan Toubin is such a sweetie, he created this AH-MAY-ZING set list of songs (that he plays on vinyl) just for you Mercury readers! Check it out after the jump, and dance that fanny off—but don't forget your towel!