(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Read our article on Mike Coykendall.

(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Nurses make a welcome return to the local stage! Last year, the art rockers released Dracula, a record that found the headrush-inducing zone between pretty, balmy pop and chopped-and-screwed dance beats. With the bill rounded out by hometown acts like the tangled, terrific Aan and the buttrock blitz of Hookers, this is the place to be. NED LANNAMANN

Portland freak-pop quartet Aan have turned heads regionally ever since vocalist/guitarist Bud Wilson began the then-solo project in his bedroom in 2006. Wilson's songs have absorbed melodic intricacies that are hard to pack into a band's catalog, let alone single songs. Vocal vitality notwithstanding, the spooky, effects-heavy husk of 2011 7-inch single "Somewhere's Sunshine" was only a litmus test for the band's upcoming full-length, Amor Ad Nauseum (incidentally, the band's original name before it was shortened to an acronym). "I Don't Need Love," a teaser track from the new album, explodes with keys, crafty guitar solos, and macabre lyrical railing. The group is likely to play some tracks from the new album tonight; get there early for Le Tigre's JD Samson on the wheels of steel, and stay late for Nurses! RYAN J. PRADO

(Roseland, 8 NW 6th) Anthrax may always be considered the bottom rung of thrash metal's Big Four, which includes Slayer, Megadeth, and Metallica. A lot of that is of course based on record sales, rather than actual recorded output. Since their formation nearly three decades ago, Anthrax has—for better or worse—fused metal and hiphop with Public Enemy (one of the first metal bands to do so), and have taken themselves far less seriously than their brow-furrowed brothers in metal. After years of floundering in the proverbial mosh pit of life, Anthrax are again firing on all cylinders. OG vocalist Joey Belladonna has returned to the fold, and the band's 2011 album Worship Music might be their crowning achievement. It surely slays anything Metallica or Megadeth have done over the past two decades. MARK LORE

(Lion's Eye Tavern, 5919 SE 82nd) Hey Lover are going to Europe! Maybe! With your help! That's where this show comes into play: Tonight the married two-piece of Justin Varga and Terah Beth Baltzer Varga are raising money for their upcoming European tour the old-fashioned way: via adorable, energetic, drunk-huggy, punky pop. Their Tennessee was one of the most charming and downright fun local records released last year, and if you haven't heard it, you want to be at this show. If you have heard it, you want to be at this show, too. Hey Lover are taking over the back patio of their local bar, and have enlisted some of their Hovercraft Records labelmates to help out. Pataha Hiss and the Bugs are no strangers to super-fun rock scuzz either, so now you know where all the good times are tonight: Way the hell out on 82nd Avenue. The show's free with a suggested donation of five bucks, and when you consider that converts to, like, a Euro and a half, it's the least you can do. NED LANNAMANN

(East End, 203 SE Grand) Calling every metal lover and metal musician in Portland! You've gotta know your roots, or if you can dig deep enough, your seeds! Any given music scene in any given city, whether it be metal, jazz, or indie-whatever-boringness, was sparked and evolved from the bands that originally birthed it. Every band after them, for years to come, owes them thanks for the initial inspiration. Enter—or rather re-enter—Xinr (pronounced ex-sinner). Formed in '83, recorded and played shows in '84, tragically destroyed in '85 by a motorcycle accident that killed vocalist Tony Saiz and guitarist Shaun Tramel, Xinr is arguably Portland's first and best heavy metal band. We're talking tough, taut, hard-strutting, no-fooling heavy metal—the real deal. In '84 the band recorded 11 songs, only one of which made it onto 1985's Pacific Metal Project compilation. Thanks to local label Unseen Forces, all 11 tracks are now pressed to vinyl. Tonight the long-lost Xinr album will be played in its entirety, and the surviving members will be there to answer questions—plus Danava will play some of their stuff and a few Xinr songs. ARIS WALES

(The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) A decent amount of attention is already being paid to the Builders and the Butchers side-project Albatross after only a few shows earlier this year. Not as well known for some reason is the Builders' bastard stepchild, prog/metal/punk trio Turbo Perfecto. The band released a 22-minute long track in summer 2011, dubbed appropriately "The Song," within which a nonstop deluge of switched gears and breakneck drumbeats ensue. Ranging from Sabbath-y guitar interludes to manic Maiden riffage, through dense walls of wah-wah and their bread-and-butter instrumental shredding, Turbo are basically freaks of nature. Bassist Harvey Tumbleson eschews the delicate stringplay of his Builders banjo/mandolin tandem for monstrous low-end distortion, while drummer Justin Baier and guitarist Joe Simon (both also of yesteryear psych rockers Dr. Helicopter) radiate equally ferocious runs of schizophrenic rock. RJP