(Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water) Forgive me, Jealous Sound, for not giving your latest album, A Gentle Reminder, a fair chance upon its release. It's just that it sounds so much like Kill Them with Kindness, your 2000 release that I love, love, LOVE, that I just decided to skip listening to the new songs altogether and go back to the old favorites. My bad. After I forced myself to give it one more listen—to prep for the show, to write this blurb—I discovered it's actually a pretty nice album on its own. I like the extra injection of synth throughout, and "Promise of the West" flirts with a Pinback vibe. My only gripe: "Perfect Timing" sounds a bit too much like Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody." Just make sure you visit Kill Them with Kindness on tonight's set list and we'll be cool, okay? Okay! MEGAN SELING Also see My, What a Busy Week!