So you guys recorded that, right? And you're going to release it? So that I can buy it? Or, barring that, you're just going to get everybody together again—the City of Tomorrow wind quintet, the Disassemble the Widget men's chorus, that dude from Weinland who fucking killed "Exit Music (For a Film)," the drummer named "Nightdawg"—and perform it a few more times so that tonight's sold-out, repeatedly standing-ovating crowd at the Aladdin isn't the only group of Portlanders who get to witness it, right?

Because—and this from someone who loves OK Computer to an unhealthy degree, from someone who's listened to that album so many times that it should hold absolutely no surprises—tonight's show was about 10 kinds of amazing. Haunting and vibrant and funny and jarring, lush and majestic and clever. Also, when you did this as one of your encores, a little old bald man across the aisle from me could not stop tapping his toes; I am 98 percent sure he had no idea what the song was but man he was digging it.

In conclusion, your show was fantastic, and I can't wait to see—or at the very least hear—it again. There's no need to reply, since I'm sure that, even now, as you read this, you're working hard to make sure that this will be possible. Thanks!