(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) The Zambri sisters, Cristi Jo and Jessica, inhabit a sonically dark house of their own devising, one with stairways to nowhere and a super scary basement. Though they've been making music and performing live for years, their debut album, House of Baasa, was released just this year. It's a fascinating, challenging album, which I guess is a reviewer's way of saying "hard to describe." At times it's thrilling and abundant and exhilarating, at others it's jagged and discordant and hard. Sometimes it's heartbreakingly gorgeous, with swelling, shoegazey lyrics, and other times it falls flat and disappoints. This could be as much a product of living in New York City as it is of extremely personal, freewheeling experimentation. They've added a drummer and multi-instrumentalist to their live lineup, which just might carry them over the hump of accessibility. REBECCA WILSON