(Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie) I've heard rumors that Aimee Mann might be a boring show to attend. I, however, refuse to accept these vicious whisperings. WHO IS TELLING LIES ABOUT AIMEE?! This is the gal who made the film Magnolia a fucking wonder to behold and watch over and over with her incredible soundtrack. So I suppose in the unlikely event I get antsy watching this singer/songwriter, I'll think about the following relevant points in a dreamy manner: She is a beautiful six-foot-tall Amazon, an improbable 52 years old, with a long-awaited new album, Charmer. Girl likes lingonberry pancakes. (The movies don't lie, right?) She's funny! Listen to her on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. (I'm going to do my best NOT to think about her cleaning-lady turn on Portlandia.) But honestly, I can't imagine having to resort to any of this mind-trickery to enjoy the talented musician, creator of one of the world's most perfect albums, 2000's Bachelor No. 2. COURTNEY FERGUSON

(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Every four years or so, Tycho puts out an album perfectly calculated for chilled-out circumspection. Without a doubt, the best of these is last year's Dive—which is fortunate, since we'll likely be waiting a while for its follow-up. Will Dive change your life, bring tears to your eyes, and catalyze a super-deep epiphany? No, thank god. But it will make your bad days better and your good days seem a couple notches cooler. Tycho is the alter ego of a San Francisco-based graphic designer named Scott Hansen, and it's probably not a coincidence that his ambient electronic tunes sound more designed than they do composed. It's easy to like richly textured, decadently layered synth music, but Tycho opts instead for elegant minimalism—lovely melodies over meditative beats. Nothing extra, nothing missing, Dive is an island of self-assured calm amid the chaos. REBECCA WILSON

(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) There's nothing exceptional about tonight's Radiation City show. It's just a great local band performing in a great local venue. The comfortable confines of Mississippi Studios are the perfect place to experience the band's upbeat, ethereal tunes. So simple, so nice. No shtick, no glitz—satisfaction guaranteed. SARAH MIRK