The inestimable Justin Bieber rolled through Portland on Monday evening, and he delighted a crowd of excited tweens and patient parents without puking once! In show business terms, that is called "killing it." Das Biebs is obviously pulling out all the stops on this tour, as you can see from these excellent photos snapped by Nilina Mason-Campbell, who was at the Rose Garden to stick all these images inside her photographing machine for us. Click on any of the photos to make them bigger.

Photographers were only allowed to see the very beginning of the show before being escorted out of the building (and were not permitted to get photos of opening act Carly Rae Jepsen, sadly). This first-three-song rule is often standard protocol for big pop shows, but it sounds like there was plenty to see and hear. So how was it?

"IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!" Mason-Campbell calmly tells us. "I love shows that are such spectacles and this one took the cake—beyond Britney, beyond Jonas Brothers. And get this—he sang live! His first two tracks were presumably prerecorded, but during his onstage banter about being in PDX, he sang three songs a capella and for real."

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